Sunday, June 28, 2009

Solids in and solids out

As a new parent you get all excited when you can final feed some solids. It is very cute to see that messy face. I have to say I wasn't ready for the change in poop. My son probably eats about 6 oz of jar food a day and his poop looks like smashed brownies! Where was the warning on this one moms. I have started giving him a little bit of water everyday just so that I can eat beloved brownies again in my life time.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dressing Routine

Mornings are very routine now. Dad takes a shower, mom feeds boy, dad dresses boy, mom gets bottles ready..... Routines aren't fun and when dad is running late I have to dress our son. Earlier this week I put his romper on backwards (he actually left the house this way!) I can't say I enjoy dressing in general, as my son flails when I put his shirt on. I think he thinks I am trying to smother him. BUT my favorite part, that stops me in my tracks to smile on the most routine of days, is when I stand him up and pull up his little pants over the diapered baby butt. So precious!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Joining the poop club

Have you ever noticed how much parents talk about their kids' poop? When I was pregnant, all the parents I knew seemed to delight in telling me stories about the massive blowouts they had to deal with when their kids were babies. It seemed a little odd to me at the time, but now I sort-of get it. They're just happy to have another member of the club. I mean, you bring your baby home from the hospital and all he does is eat, sleep and poop - you naturally start to obsess over those things. My husband and I give each other regular updates about our son's poop habits. If you listened to us you'd think we were crazy.

The latest in our house is that my son has stopped pooping when he's with my husband - I don't think Eric has changed a poopy diaper in 2 weeks! Eric jokes that they have an arrangement, and what's my comeback supposed to be? Poop equals love? Not exactly a winning argument! I've started singing "Saving all my poop for you" to the tune of "saving all my love for you." It's the best I can come up with.

... how much I would enjoy our first bath

We have been bathing our son in the shower. Now that he can sit I took my first bath with him yesterday. It was pure delight to watch him splash and reach for his duck. We were probably in for 10 minutes and I only had to correct his wobble twice. It is so fun to see his mind absorb new things - it really is like a sponge. He is also so huggable now. AHHH.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Babies - They will find it and they will eat it.

Babies can find anything. They play sweet, innocent, and clueless but in reality their fuzzy little hairs must act as homing beacons for everything you don't want them to find. You can clean your floor 3 times a day but that only makes it easier for your baby to zero in on the one burr or wood chip your dog has dragged in on her fur. If the U.S. really wanted to find Osama Bin Laden they should have sent a bunch of babies into Afghanistan. One of them would eventually have tried to put Bin Laden's toe in their mouth.

Which brings me to my next point. Once they find it they will either try to stick their finger in it or (even more likely) try to put it in their mouth. My daughter and I were at a playground the other day and without warning she stuck her face in the ground and purposely took a huge bite of sand. At first I thought that'll teach her but then I realized she's probably thinking -OK I can check sand off my list now what else can I stick in my mouth. Oh well Que Sera Sera.