Sunday, October 3, 2010

Belly Butter

I am sure that maybe stretch marks are worse with your second child but I blame my own laziness. I buttered my belly daily when I was pregnant with my first one and got lazy with the second.  I have a huge set of stretch marks that come just above my belly button and are about the size of my hand.  Butter that belly ladies, just in case!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bath Time

After the first washcloth bath and the first mini-tub bath (taking the 'pink' tub they give you at the hospital home is perfect for this), the shower is such a blessing.  Both of my kids have loved showering with parents even from this young age.  It is so easy.  Of course, we always make sure that there two of us home so we don't step over the bath wall with them.  It is a bit tricky during soap time but worth it. 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Feeding Whtie Board

I'm back.  My last post was when my first son was almost 1 and I found out I was pregnant with number 2.  So I stopped writing as I felt that I had my hands full.  Well they are still full but sharing makes you a bit less crazy.  My daughter arrived in early August. 

So my first post was mentioned as a joke!  I have family in down and am always asked "when was she feed last?" so I told my husband, I should just get out a whiteboard.  There is is.. I should of that would have been so helpful.  Unfortunately, the last of my baby help leaves in 3 days but until then I have put a "LAST FEED" sheet on the fridge.

The first two weeks of breastfeeding are definitely the hardest, I really had to fight to get through (even the second time).  I think it is natural to assume a crying baby is a hungry baby... this whiteboard idea would help folks know that MAYBE it is something else.  It is really hard to not feel like a cow while you are breastfeeding.  Serious but true.

Anyways, maybe one of you will take up the Feeding White Board idea. Until next time, V

Friday, March 12, 2010

Never Done

It seems like I'm never done. As soon as one dishwasher load is empty, it is ready to be loaded again. As soon as one laundry load is done, the basket is already full. One poopy diaper after another requires diaper pails to be emptied constantly. The toys are finally all put away but then a baby wakes up and wants to play. We finish breakfast, but then I have to think about lunch, not to mention dinner. The work list is just never ending. I have come to realize that being "never done" is just a way of life... part of being a mom. So I try to keep up but also just enjoy the moments I do have with my little ones because they won't be so little forever!