Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Favorite Baby Words

I wish I had written down a few more of my son's early versions of words. They are so cute and funny and you think you'll remember them all, but they do slip away. I miss him saying "um-blah-blah" for "umbrella" and "stah-baby" for "strawberry." Now he says "waterlemon" instead of "watermelon" and I want to make sure I get that written down so that I can remember it later.

What are some of the mispronunciations your kids came up with?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Meal Plan

I hate the weeks when I don't take the time to figure out what we are going to eat.  Those weeks I come home from work tired and uninspired.  Having a meal plan is so much easier.  Today, I took it up a notch and made a 4 week rotation.   Maybe I will switch that up a little every quarter or something.  In 2010, I also did a resolution where I tried 52 new recipes, it was so much fun. I have felt uninspired and uncreative with my meals this year... I think I am going to do a resolution for 25 in 2012.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I hate to admit it but....

When I see another mom break down in public 95% of me feels empathetic and 5% of me feels like breathing a sigh of relief because even though I know other moms must have those kind of days there's no better proof than seeing it with my own eyes.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What are your favorite books to read to your little ones?

We have a lot of books around here and since many of the readers and contributors to this blog are librarians I'm assuming you have quite the stock pile at your house too. Here is a short list of the ones I never get sick of reading to my girls:
Big Momma Makes the World I found this one at the library and love it so much because I get to read it in a fun southern drawl that my husband finds very annoying which for me makes it all the more fun. All the World We have read this one so many times that now when I read it I'll skip every other 2 or 3 worlds and have my daughter fill them in. Flotsam I have to admit I was a little annoyed when I first opened this book and there were no words but my mind was quickly changed by the awesome story the pictures told and the upside of no words is you can make the story as quick or as long as you like.The Pout Pout Fish This is a cute story with lots of potential for using different voices with a fun ending that is the perfect excuse to shower your kid with kisses. Snuggle Puppy My 3 year old has cut me off from reading this because she doesn't like the jazzy voice I use to sing the song but at least I have a few more years before my littlest will be old enough to protest my singing.
What are your family's favorites?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Candy

It is our duty as parents to do our part to prevent childhood obesity by eating most of our kids Halloween candy right?