Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Favorite Baby Words

I wish I had written down a few more of my son's early versions of words. They are so cute and funny and you think you'll remember them all, but they do slip away. I miss him saying "um-blah-blah" for "umbrella" and "stah-baby" for "strawberry." Now he says "waterlemon" instead of "watermelon" and I want to make sure I get that written down so that I can remember it later.

What are some of the mispronunciations your kids came up with?

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MamaMeg said...

When Ava was younger and knew she was about to get in trouble she would yell "I'm being hav" instead of behaving:) That one got me every time. She still will say breafkast instead of breakfast and thought the evil queens in Disney movies were eagle queens.