Monday, September 7, 2009

It is unavoidable – your baby will grow up

You may think you are prepared for this fact since everyone grows older but it comes as quite a shock when your own child does it. As that first birthday approaches you may throw yourself into other things to keep from thinking about your baby turning one so quickly. You might, for example, spend hours gluing black dots onto a plastic tablecloth for her ladybug themed party.

Your unexplained emotions over this event (that you knew all along was coming) might cause you to ask yourself if you are crazy. The truth is we start going crazy the minute that child is born but we don’t realize at first how every missed nap, every minor scar, and every diaper that refuses to contain a wild poop has slowly chipped away at our sanity. You might have told yourself “I will not be crazy like my mother”. I recently revised that to “I will not be AS crazy as my mother”. By the time my children go off to college I will probably wonder how my mother managed to stay so sane.

On the other hand the first year is a wonderful magical ride even if it is too fast for my sensitive stomach. The only solution I can see to this little first birthday existential crises is to have a leap year baby and push off that first birthday as long as possible.

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