Saturday, August 15, 2009

Old Stuff & 2 of my faves

Baby clothes and things become old really fast. It seems like at least every three weeks you need to go through stuff and get rid of what will no longer fit. I have two bags in my son's room - "save for possible baby #2" and "off to goodwill." Some things were never or hardly warn (since i live in a place that actually has seasons), that cute ranger fleece pjs just doesn't work in the middle of summer.

I thought i could highlight some of my favorite purchases:

Mclaren Volvo - umbrella stroller - easy to use, easy to close, good height for me as I am slightly taller than average

Fisherprice Booster Seat - we didn't want a high chair, this is perfect, although it will get so crusty you will not want to take it on the road

More to come...

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