Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Alarm Clock

I should get to bed, my alarm clock is going to get me up at 6:20 AM. That may seem like a good time to get up to you but I rather rise at 8:15, I live a mile from my work. Of course, motherhood, has brought responsibility in my life, I need at least another 10 minutes to get my son ready for daycare. If I have to drive him... add 20 more.

As my son approaches 11 months old - tomorrow! I have now enjoyed about 1.5 months of getting sleep at night (It makes the months before that seem like a distant blur!). We put my son down (isn't that odd to say "put him down") at 7:30. It doesn't matter if he gets a treat to stay up late... every morning at 6:20 him and his invisible friend have vocabulary practice. GRUNT GRUNT, UH OH, GRUNT GRUNT, UH OH, GRUNT GRUNG, MA MA, MA MA. And so it goes until 7 am. As the weather has changed, we have to leave our bedroom doors open so the heat spreads through the house. This is quite loud and hard to ignore. Thankful, about 10% of the time, after breast-feeding for 10 minutes, he will roll on his tummy and let us sleep in. There is no guarantee that this treat will fall on a day when you yourself can join him in this slumber. I've only set my REAL alarm 3 times - in case my new alarm fails me.

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