Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I know that folks say --- soon he will talk so much, he just will not shut up...

But is it is so precious to watch them learn new words. The ones that really get my attention are the ones that he picks up that we aren't even pushing. For example, I set my son down on his changing table and he looks over sees a ball and says BAl.... just a slight L so it was BA. We hardly ever play with that ball. Then early this week, I realized on the changing table (I just realized my child is a genius on the changing table, I bet this means he will get all his great ideas in life on the pot!) that he was say diaper.... he version is DAper. I definitely haven't been working on that one. Lesson learned, listen a bit harder to what sounds like ramble. It just reminds you that they are taking in a lot more than you realize.