Sunday, April 5, 2009

... about laundry

I had everything ready to go when our son came home. You are already tired and learning how to take care of a new person and we were doing a load a day. It does get better as you learn what you really need to use but be prepared. (Watch out for the grandparents - they like to use lots of blankets! ;)) This is a great way visitors can help out. We are down to 3 loads a week but it seems endless. If you feel yourself stressing because you are out of burp clothes again, do yourself a favor and buy some more! My husband and I gave up sorting whites and colors a long time ago!
We use 7th Generation - cheaper at WF than BRU. For milk stains we soak in OXO Brite and then rewash with other clothes in 7th Gen. OXO helps with poop too but isn't perfect. I have no answers for that one! - V


Rhona said...

So funny! I was doing laundry all the time just to get Davis' bibs clean so we just went out and bought more! On the burp cloths, I just started using dish towels since I had so many of them!

Anonymous said...

best answer - give up. Sort them between house clothes (which can have a stain here and there, it will be between you and the baby) and going out clothes, you can spend a little more time washing them, for people's sake...
I have a two year old - this is working for us ;)
I love Dreft and Oxy also :)