Sunday, April 19, 2009

Time for a Hotel Night

Signs you may need a night away from baby, a hotel night:
  • You pour your cereal into your water glass in the morning, not the bowl you set out
  • You open the car door to get out of the car into oncoming traffic
  • You keep replacing words in your sentences with completely unrelated words
  • You have not slept for 8 hours in a row for 4.5 months
  • You pumped at work with the blinds open to the outside world
  • You pumped at work without putting the bottle on the pump, only noticing when you tipped forward and got milk on your hand and clothes
  • You have since pumped at work and forgot to put the bottle on 3 more times - thankfully catching it before the tip forward
  • You can't spell you own last name when asked to spell it over the phone
  • You meet a Realtor to see a house and you are waiting at a different house on the same street
  • You keep telling everyone that you have a 4 month old who does not sleep through the night in hopes that they will excuse the confused look on your face
Yes, all these things happened to me in the span of two weeks. After hitting "bottom" on Thursday night, a hotel night gave me enough rest to slightly resemble a human again. No not 8 hours (I had to pump!) but enough for now. You better NOT tell me I look tired!

1 comment:

MamaMeg said...

This one made me laugh. Of course hotel nights are how we get baby #2 and then we'll never sleep again.