Thursday, October 27, 2011

Babies grow fast, babies grow slow

Everyone tells you to enjoy your children while they are young because it goes by fast. I had and elderly woman stop me in the grocery store a while back to look at my 2 girls. She sighed and said "I remember those days. Its a shame they go by so fast." then she laughed and said "on the other hand we wouldn't be able to handle it if they didn't."

What I didn't know before having two is that time speeds up with each one you have. If we were to have 5 I feel like I would go to sleep the age I am now and wake up a 50 year old woman with grown children and how I got there would all be a big blurr.

And yet even with time rushing ahead of us I still feel that perhaps I push my 3 year old daughter to act older than she should. I recently took her to the emergency room for a cough and found out she had croup. I told the nurse that I thought only babies got croup and she looked at me and said firmly "she is a baby!" She is right. Yes she grows fast, yes she has learned so much, and yes she is still a baby. I am trying to remind myself to treat her like one more often with cuddles and snuggles and moments with no expectations other than to show her I love her.

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