Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Common Mommy Myths

Or things moms think that are seldom, if ever, true.

1) Parenting gets easier as the baby gets older.
This might be true when the baby turns 18 but when they are young this is definitely not true. They constantly find new ways to challenge you.
2) It is possible to feed your baby “real food” and in less time than it takes to watch the movie Parenthood and also manage to keep the kitchen, yourself, your baby, and your baby’s clothes clean.
I almost had a little breakdown when I started solids because it seemed like our days consisted of breastfeed the baby, play with the baby, feed the baby real food, clean myself - the kitchen- and the baby, let the baby nap for 2 minutes, and then start the whole cycle over again. Most of my clothes and my baby's clothes now have at least one food stain. Eventually, you will learn some ninja-like feeding maneuvers that make the process easier but by that point they want to try and feed themselves (see #1).
3) Babies instinctively know not to put their hands/feet in their poopy diaper. Oh how I wish this one was true.
4) Everyone knows that your baby is the cutest/smartest/funniest baby in the world.
I think we all are programmed to think our babies are the world’s most brilliant baby or a lot less of them would survive. We wouldn't be that excited about our babies if we thought they were mediocre now would we?
5) Teething might be painful but at least it doesn’t last that long.
My daughter has been teething for 4 months but still has no teeth. Of course this allows us to blame all her grumpiness on the teething so we can still delude ourselves that she is a perfect angelic baby that never fusses without a reason.

I know there are tons more that I am not thinking of right now. What are your favorite mommy myths?

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