Friday, May 8, 2009

How hard it would be without family

If you have family close, be thankful. I could not comprehend what having family far away would mean. It means that in the early days when you don't know what the heck you are doing there isn't a mom there to give you a hug. It means when you just need to get away for awhile that your spouse has to watch the baby and then when you get home it will be your turn. It means that you don't have that extra helping hand. It means when family comes to visit that you will have to fight to see your baby because they will gush love on him or her. It means when your baby hits a milestone they will not be there to see it. I hear a lot of moms complain about how hard things are but I know they have family helping... I don't ever say anything but my brain thinks it. It means that you may go through major life events and you still will not have family there to help. Perhaps I am a bit emotional right now... so all I am saying is if you have family appreciate them. If you family is far, try to get a friend to move to your new town (that is what i did ;) ). Be thankful for friends who give you a hand and get ready to dole out the babysitter bucks. Join a mom's group for support there are LOTS of mom's out there like you. Sorry this posts isn't going to get anyone laughing, this blog is for crying too.

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