Monday, May 25, 2009

New Moms Group

I just wanted to put a word in for new moms groups. They are awesome. Many hospitals have them set up throughout the week. The place I gave birth at has at least 4 different groups. I went when Abner was only 2 weeks old. I did not take him because he was so tiny. I just sat there with tears streaming down my face the whole time as I listened to other new moms going through the sames things I went through.
At the group I attended we just went around the circle and each mom would share any highlights of their week and then ask a questions. The facilitator would encourage members to share their wisdom. Of course she had a lot of advice to give if no one offered any up.
I went for the 12 weeks I was home and then two other times. At my group you are allowed to go until your baby is 6 months old but I had to go back to work.
Group is good for many reasons - to know you are NOT alone, to give you support if you don't have family close, to share tips and tricks, to meet moms that you will visit with after 6 months, and many many more reasons.
If you feel like you need to share after you have your little one, see if you hospital offers this great service.

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