Sunday, May 10, 2009

that is would take me 5 months to get back into my jeans

Okay, time for a less depressing post! :) I hope all you new mommies out there have had a wonderful mother's day. I did!

So for mother's day brunch my husband brought out my jeans (I had been wearing a size up and he told me the other day that they were looking roomy). They fit!... well perhaps they a bit too tight but I can zip and button them.

My secret to get those pounds -- wii fit and returning to work. I must walk 2 miles at work, that help with those last stubborn 10 lbs. There is still a bit of back fat but that may be my friend for life now. The stretch marks seem to be fading too (I was quite pissed about those because I never saw one the whole time I was pregnant, I buttered my belly like a baked potato. Then I come home with Abner and I have stretch back stretchmarks --- WHY didn't anyone prepare me for this, I thought I was out of the woods).

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